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Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity
Stephanie Nwaoroni Akinwoya AFSEE

Stephanie Akinwoya

PhD Candidate, The Open University

Stephanie is a passionate educator, STEM enthusiast, and advocate for providing access to quality education for children who would have otherwise been excluded from learning because of poverty or migration due to terrorism. She is passionate about working with the government and non-governmental organisations in the area of education to ensure that every child in Nigeria irrespective of status or location has access to quality education.

She is especially passionate about promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education amongst girls and has partnered with international bodies such as the WAAW foundation to provide training support and mentorship to this effect. Stephanie is the project convener of Girls-pro-stem, an initiative aimed at inspiring and igniting a passion for STEM-oriented courses amongst girls in public secondary schools.

She is a 2022 fellow of the prestigious Fulbright Teacher Excellence Achievement Program, and was selected as one of the top 60 teachers in the 2021 International Cambridge dedicated teachers award, and also one of the top ten educators representing Nigeria in the 2021 Wakelet Community Impact award for her work in promoting Stem education for girls as well as providing access to mental health educational resources for teens and young adults through her SafeSpace project.

She has written several papers on education-related issues such as “Proposal For Adopting The Use Of Open Educational Resource and Embracing Open Schooling in Secondary Schools in Education District 1 Lagos”, “An Evaluation of Open Schooling(OS) to Build a Roadmap For Nigeria’s OS Program”, as well as “E-learning Innovations that can be Employed in Senior Secondary Schools for Improved Learning Outcomes”.

She is a graduate of physics from Imo State University, has a postgraduate diploma in education from Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Nigeria and is a recipient of a Commonwealth master's scholarship in 2019, which funded her master's education in Online and distance education from the Open University UK.

Change is possible if you are vested enough, passionate, and determined to go the extra mile for others. In a world where inequity is so visible and sometimes seemingly insurmountable remembering that change is a process and that every little action taken to address inequity is a step toward a more equitable future is comforting.

Stephanie Akinwoya


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