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Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility and Requirements

Does the Fellowship have an age limit?

Can I apply if I don’t have an undergraduate degree?

If I have previously applied, may I apply again?

Is there a minimum English-language requirement for the Non-Residential track?

Are there any exceptions to the minimum English-language requirement?

The majority of my schooling was in the English language. Can I get a waiver on the English-language requirements?

Do I need to provide a full academic transcript or can I just use my degree certificate?

What kind of references do I need to provide, and when do I need to provide references?

Submitting an Application

What is this year's application deadline?

When will applicants be notified of their application’s outcome?

How many Fellows do you select?

Do you provide feedback to applicants?

What to expect from the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity - programme

How much time will I need to commit to the fellowship?

Would I need access to the internet to undertake the fellowship?

May I undertake another, related MSc at LSE while on this fellowship?

Does the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme support PhD study?

Do you provide support with grant funding or job placement?

What qualification is awarded to Non-Residential Fellows?

What will happen after the fellowship year?

Getting in touch with us

I have questions. Who do I contact?

I am not yet ready to apply, but I would like to stay in touch. Can you contact me about future application cycles?

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