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Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity

Research & Projects

We bring practitioners and academics together

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme brings practitioners and academics together for interdisciplinary research projects.

Current projects and research

Politics of Inequality research theme

Politics of Inequality is a joint International Inequalities Institute/Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity research theme which explores the practices of resistance, mobilisation, and contestation that constitute a politics of inequalities from a bottom-up perspective.

Atlantic Equity Challenge

The Atlantic Equity Challenge (AEQ) is an LSE-based research initiative offering researchers and practitioners an opportunity to undertake innovative, solutions-oriented, collaborative research and thinking directed at tackling social and economic inequalities.

Exploring the Potential of Academic-Practitioner Collaborations for Social Change

The Academic-Practitioner Collaborations (AcPrac) project asks the AFSEE community about their understanding and experiences with collaboration to investigate how AcPrac can tackle inequalities and contribute to wider social transformation.

AFSEE Inequalities Glossary

The Inequalities Glossary aims to demystify key concepts that are often discussed when theorising, researching, and attempting to address issues of social and economic inequalities.

Female Leaders in Business and Politics: Comparing Chile and the UK

The collaborative project between AFSEE and COES will examine female elites in both the political and economic fields in order to explore the extent to which these relate to gender equality and social cohesion.

AFSEE Incubation Labs

The AFSEE Incubation Labs is a new initiative designed to foster and support impactful and innovative cross-cohort collaborative projects that are started, led, and implemented by AFSEE Senior Fellows.

Urban glory for the few: extreme urban inequality and its impacts on access to housing in Kinshasa (DRC)

The research project in partnership between AFSEE and NYU Center on International Cooperation will examine how financialisation and state capture impact access to adequate housing in cities across the Global South.

A group of people walking along a road

COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund

The COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund (CRRF) was launched in May 2020 as a vehicle to fund timely and nimble research projects with the potential to respond quickly to the COVID-19 crisis and its connections to global inequalities.

Crowd in climate protest in Germany

The State of the Growing Movement Fighting Inequality

With support from Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity, the Fight Inequality Alliance mapped the groups, movements, and activists currently challenging inequality around the world.

Multidimensional Inequality Framework banner

Multidimensional Inequality Framework

The Multidimensional Inequality Framework (MIF) combined academic research with activist insights to develop a robust and pragmatic framework and toolkit that will help academics and practitioners improve their understanding of inequalities.

Aerial view of Cape Town in South Africa

Policy and Community Responses to Inequality in South Africa

This project focused on strategies to address inequality in South Africa, with broader reference to Africa and developing countries in general.

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