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Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity

AFSEE partners with NYU’s Center on International Cooperation to collaborate on tackling inequality

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity (AFSEE) is excited to launch a new partnership with the Center on International Cooperation (CIC), a nonprofit research centre housed at New York University (NYU). For over two decades, CIC has been a leader in applied policy that links politics, security, justice, development, and humanitarian issues.

We are delighted to embark on this partnership with the Center on International Cooperation. The partnership will contribute to AFSEE’s ongoing work on building a global community of changemakers who are working to address social and economic inequalities. AFSEE Fellows will have opportunities to engage in dialogue with colleagues at NYU and to advance their work through the opportunities and connections created through the new partnership.

Professor Armine Ishkanian, Executive Director, Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity

As part of the new partnership, AFSEE Senior Fellows will have the opportunity to take part in Visiting Fellowships, which will allow them and researchers from the Center on International Cooperation to collaborate with each other on an inequalities-related research project during a three to four - week stay at NYU in New York City.

AFSEE has also committed to supporting the Inequality Solutions portal, launched by CIC’s Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies – programme in July 2023. The portal is an online repository showcasing innovative policies from around the world aimed at tackling inequality and exclusion. Drawing from the vast expertise and experience of the AFSEE community, the portal will include contributions from AFSEE Fellows, who are working across the world to address inequality through policy and action.

The partnership between CIC and AFSEE will enhance our mission to advance peace, justice, and inclusion. Hosting AFSEE Fellows will be an exciting opportunity to highlight practical solutions to tackle inequality and exclusion. We are therefore delighted that AFSEE will join our multistakeholder coalition of partners in government, multilaterals, civil society, and academia working to pave the road towards more just and equal societies through bolder national action and enhanced international cooperation.

Sarah Cliffe, Executive Director, NYU Center on International Cooperation

The Center on International Cooperation joins AFSEE’s other node partner, the Centre for the Study of Conflict and Social Cohesion (COES) based in Chile. Partnering with organisations across the world increases the impact of the AFSEE programme and AFSEE Fellows’ work as well as advances its overall mission to advance social and economic equity through collaboration and innovation.

Banner Image: Photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash


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