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Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity
Eko Octavianus

Eko Octavianus

Director, Sahabat Laut Lestari (SLL Fisheries)

Eko is the current director of the Indonesian-based social enterprise Sahabat Laut Lestari (SLL Fisheries). As the Director, he oversees the operations of the organisation, which focuses on sustainable fisheries implementation with a strong emphasis on ecological, social, and economic aspects.

The social enterprise was established in October 2019 through the initiatives of the MDPI Foundation, a national NGO dedicated to empowering fishing community organisations and utilising market forces. With a vision to support sustainable fisheries management in Indonesia and empower thriving fishing communities, Eko took on the role of Director. His responsibilities span from the establishment of the social enterprise to the development and implementation of various programmes.

Eko is driven by a deep concern for addressing the inequity faced by coastal and fisheries communities. Recognising the disparities and struggles experienced by these communities, he is committed to learning and ensuring that his work with SLL Fisheries has a meaningful impact on their lives. Eko believes that sustainable fisheries management should not only focus on ecological aspects but should also strive for social and economic justice. Through his work, he aims to promote inclusive and fair practices that uplift the coastal and fisheries communities, ensuring that they become active participants and beneficiaries of sustainable fisheries initiatives.

I've noticed a positive shift in the mindset of fisheries communities, especially among fishers' families, as they increasingly recognise the importance of enhancing their financial literacy. They display a keen interest in acquiring knowledge and improving their financial well-being, including managing debt and developing effective financial planning strategies.

Eko Octavianus


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