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Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity
Pascale Frazer-Carroll AFSEE

Pascale Frazer-Carroll

Campaigner & Social Impact Director

Pascale has a background in campaigning, storytelling, and capacity-building for grassroots activists and organisers. Most recently she has held positions as the UK Director and Regional Director for the UK & Australia at the petition platform, which is the largest website for social change in the world. In these roles, she has led teams to support millions of people to use digital mobilising tools to increase their ability to speak out against injustices and run people-powered campaigns.

Previous to this, Pascale spent 5 years as a Campaign Advisor at She contributed to collective work against inequalities by providing campaign management, coaching, and strategic support to hundreds of people with lived experience of marginalisation, to help them turn their petitions into impactful campaigns for social change. For example, she has supported activists working to overcome inequalities surrounding menstruation, where she advised on successful campaigns against the tampon tax and period poverty in the UK; supported people with disabilities to advocate for corporations to increase their accessibility; and built a program of work to support organisers within racial and migrant justice movements, which led to the collection of the largest number of petition signatures against racial inequality in British history to date.

Pascale is also a trainer and facilitator. She has run workshops on social impact strategies and narrative building, particularly aimed at supporting marginalised communities and young people looking to create change. Her work has been featured in publications that include the BBC, the Independent, the Huffington Post, Gal-Dem, and the Guilty Feminist. She is interested in researching social movements, particularly the place of imagination, technology, and culture within liberation movements.

Pascale has a BA in Global Modern History from Warwick University.

Having studied history, I take a lot of inspiration from there. I’m inspired by the activists, thinkers, and creators that have come before us. Equally, I am inspired by looking back, and seeing that the systems that we take for granted as fixed, were in fact constructed over time. It keeps me going to believe that since the systems that have led to inequalities were created, there’s no reason we can’t change these structures or create new ones to build a fairer world.

Pascale Frazer-Carroll


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